We supply and support QuickBooks Online cloud accounting software

Senta is a practice management tool which we use in a variety of ways to help us run some parts of our business.

The software includes some features which enable us to transfer documents to and from you (as our client).

There is functionality to enable legally compliant digital signatures which can be used to approve tax returns, engagement letters, accounts or similar.

In time the software portal will integrate with more applications we intend to use to make sure we are well equipped to provide our accountancy and business support services in a digital era.

Document Management

As an alternative to emailing documents we can protect your data with this secure document portal.

The end goal is that Senta will prompt you whenever we need something from you, although we are some way off from this as yet!

As our client you can upload documents easily at any time, without the risk of using non-secure email.

Electronic document signing

Senta includes electronic signatures which has helped us to remove our much more expensive third-party signing product we previously used.


All data is stored in EU in secure Redundant data centres

Sign-in services are offered so you can use your Facebook or Google log ins, or use the Senta dedicated log in, whichever you choose.

We hope this short introduction helps you understand why we have introduced Senta to our practice and remove any fears or concerns you may have over using it.

However we should say, as our final point, that Senta will never be compulsory for you, as our client, to use. It will always remain optional and if you don't want to use it we will always be able to communicate with you using more traditional methods.

If you have any questions at all please let us know.