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Our private tax services includes self assessment tax returns including for company directors, inheritance tax planning, capital gains tax advice and calculations.

Tax Accounting Services

1Tax Returns

Under the self assessment regime you are responsible for ensuring that your tax liability is calculated and any tax owing is paid on time.

We can prepare and submit your annual tax return on your behalf and advise on the appropriate payments on account to make.

We can also advise you whether a claim to reduce payments on account should be made.

You are given the opportunity to check and approve the return before we send it to HMRC.

2Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is tax on the profit made from the sale or ‘disposal’ of an asset that’s increased in value. It’s the gain made that’s taxed, not the amount of money you receive.

Some assets are tax free and every individual has an annual tax free allowance available.

But you must report the gain, without being asked to do so by HMRC, if you are chargeable to capital gains tax.

If you are selling your business there are extra reliefs available which can help you pay less capital gains tax.

We will help you get the calculations right and submit the supplementary capital gains tax information to HMRC on your behalf.

3 Inheritance Tax

Planning to reduce any exposure to inheritance tax is a long-term project. It requires you to make big decisions about your finances and your family, and assumptions about your future.

You then need to think about making a will to ensure your plans are followed through.

This all takes time so you should start this process as early as possible, especially if you think you could have personal wealth in excess of £325,000. Available on request, our client review processes can lead to advice on strategies to reduce the risks and potential tax charge.

4Other Financial Advice

As we are foremost an accountancy business we are not authorised to offer advice in areas covered by Financial Services Authority regulations, such as detailed pension planning, mortgage advice or the suitability of any particular investments. However, we have a wide range of business associates suitably qualified to provide you with independent advice or legal representation.

We can guide you to the right places to ensure you receive any other professional advice required and make any introductions necessary on your behalf.