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Free Agent Mobile

August 9, 2018

Free Agent and your Mobile Phone

Free Agent's mobile app lets you check your business finances on your phone!  Interested ?  - see our short introduction here. ...
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April 30, 2018
As if running a small business wasn't hard enough there's also the nagging and constant requirement to keep up to date with new technology. When I first started in business my 'tools' comprised of a pocket calculator (scientific I think it was - not that I ever needed to mak...
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Within this era of supposedly enhanced data protection and the forthcoming GDPR  why are Companies House sending out reminder letters in the post which include both the company name and the authorisation code on the same document?All it takes is for the wrong person to ...
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Carillion Syndrome

April 18, 2018

How many billions in debt?

It's not difficult to understand why some big businesses seem to be devoid of basic business skills.The culture of 'yes that's a great idea' seems to somehow infiltrate the boardrooms, who become obsessed with growth they can demonstrate to their shareholders.It's quite simp...
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Business Travel

November 7, 2017
Quite often we find clients are paying travel and accommodation related expenses either to or on behalf of their employees without fully understanding the rules, or without any kind of process to monitor compliance. This short article sets out the position for the most commo...
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We have a problem with the auto renewal of software we don't use (because it's not very good), and I think there is something deviously deliberate about the renewal process......
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Community Support

April 26, 2017
We are again actively seeking ways of providing support to local organisations....
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More Scams

March 16, 2017

Letters about your company

So today we have received two letters addressed to companies for whom we act as registered office. Both claim to be from an outfit called Central Register of Companies and Businesses and both would like a payment of £200 to be included in said register. Apparently lack of p...
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Buying British

March 9, 2017

Buying British - it does matter

I don't understand why British businesses use so much software developed and hosted outside of Britain....
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