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Business Travel

Quite often we find clients are paying travel and accommodation related expenses either to or on behalf of their employees without fully understanding the rules, or without any kind of process to monitor compliance. This short article sets out the position for the most common scenarios: BUSINESS TRAVEL AND SUBSISTENCE:  EXEMPT from reporting and tax deductible HMRC’s approved scale rate payments for meal allowances and overnight personal incidental expensesPaying back the employee’s ac...

November 7, 2017

Been Ripped Off Again..... Terms and Conditions

We have a problem with the auto renewal of software we don't use (because it's not very good), and I think there is something deviously deliberate about the renewal process......

June 13, 2017

Community Support

We are again actively seeking ways of providing support to local organisations....

April 26, 2017

More Scams

So today we have received two letters addressed to companies for whom we act as registered office. Both claim to be from an outfit called Central Register of Companies and Businesses and both would like a payment of £200 to be included in said register. Apparently lack of payment results in lack of entry. Wowee. Then they ramble on (and on) about some obscure rules they've completely made up and to cap it all include a veiled threat at the end of their letter that 'lack of payment will result...

March 16, 2017

Buying British

I don't understand why British businesses use so much software developed and hosted outside of Britain....

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