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Buying British

Buying British - it does matter

I don't understand why British businesses use so much software developed and hosted outside of Britain.

Yes I accept that for some requirements it's probably the default option - for example we all use familiar Microsoft software for word processing and general office tasks. But once you get past the Microsoft monopoly into specialised software the choice is much more varied.

Take cloud book-keeping software as an example.

Time and again I hear of clients and advisers using software from Xero or Quickbooks, but did you know that both these companies are based abroad? This means that their profits are also taxed abroad, which in turn means less tax revenue is collected in Britain, which results in extra taxes for the rest of us.

Using software firms based outside Britain also means that your data is often stored or transmitted outside the EU, so your personal and private data is more at risk.

The thing is though, you can easily find the same functionality in software built, developed and hosted right here in Britain.

So why not buy from companies in our own country - for example we support Liberty Accounts and Free Agent for our clients. Being British based, both these businesses have developed their product here in Britain, created British jobs, and pay British taxes.

So please, next time you look to buy software, buy British.