Time to invest?

Is this a good time to invest?

Should your business invest in new equipment or other long-term capital acquisitions at this time?

No one really knows what the impact of Brexit will be - Brexiteers believe the floodgates will open  and the rest of the world will rush to buy our goods and services whereas Remainers expect recession to return.

The reality could sit somewhere between these two extreme points of view.

With these uncertainties present, is this a good time to consider investment in new plant and equipment or that new commercial building you have your eye on?

As always, you should make a considered response to this question : maybe, maybe not.

Most equipment purchases will qualify for a tax break of up to £200,000 a year – as long as the purchase fits the criteria for the Annual Investment Allowance – for example, cars do not generally qualify, but commercial vehicles and other plant and equipment will. 

Then, there is investment in equipment that will allow you to develop a new income stream for your business. More than likely, this would be a speculative investment, with higher expected returns, but higher risks. This type of investment may be best left until the immediate effects of Brexit can be seen and factored into your business development planning.

Finally, there are investments to make your existing business more efficient and possibly more profitable. For example, new IT and software or replacing other worn-out business assets with up-to-date alternatives.

This final area may be a realistic plausible investment opportunity and one that will position you nicely whatever the Brexit outcome may be.

What we suggest is careful consideration of your options based on a combination of tax benefits, payback periods and returns on your investment. As a downturn in economic activity is possible, this is probably not the time to throw caution to winds and make unconsidered investments.

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