Company Stationery and Websites

Disclosure obligations for company stationery and websites

You are required by law to include specific details about your company in all business letters and some other business documents.

Your company’s full registered name must be stated on all:

  • Correspondence and official documents.
  • Company notices and publications.
  • Company order forms and business letters.
  • All the company’s websites (usually in the page footer). 

There are some additional information requirements for business letterheads, order forms and websites, as follows:

  • Details of the part of the United Kingdom in which the company is registered – i.e. England, England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
  • The company registered number.
  • The address of the company's registered office. 

You can't dodge these rules by sending emails instead - essentially if it's required in the paper version it's required in the email version too. Most commonly the information is included in the email footer or signature.

Finally there is no legal requirement to show director names, but if one is shown then they all must be, you can't pick and choose individual directors.


A quick word about invoices - most companies will use professional book-keeping software of some kind so all the necessary disclosure requirements are already built in.


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