Accounting Services for Small and Medium Sized Business

We supply a wide range of professional accountancy services, together with related business advice and support, to small or medium sized businesses and also some small charities in and around Lancashire. 

All work we carry out is bespoke to each individual business, which means we can do as little or as much as required.

Please get in touch to find out more.

New clients

We often receive enquiries which begin with the question: are you taking on any new clients?

The simple answer is yes we are accepting new clients, providing your business or charity fits in with these guidelines:

  • Small business with a turnover from nil (start ups) up to £1 million per year.
  • Small charities up to a maximum annual income of £150,000.

If you become a client of ours we can then continue to act for any businesses indefinitely (irrespective of growth in turnover) and we can continue to act for charities up to a maximum annual income of £250,000. 

About us

We currently work with over 300 clients in a variety of areas from straight forward compliance to extensive business planning and management.

Our down to earth approach has always been well received by clients. We realise how difficult it can be to run a small organisation and so take a realistic view of what needs doing or can be achieved.

We can also help your business in other areas, not just accountancy, by referring you to recommended people who share our vision of providing excellent service at a realistic cost.  

If you currently run or are in the process of setting up a small business or charity please see our services page for additional information.

Exclusivity and tax relief

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What our clients say

'Blackburn and Blackburn continue to offer us fantastic support, and have done for many years. We truly value their honest approach, professional services and helpful advice'.

'We recommend Blackburn and Blackburn to any other company looking for accountants. We have found them helpful and knowledgeable whenever we need advice or guidance'. is a website owned and operated by Blackburn and Blackburn Limited, professional accountants for small business and charities.


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